Visiting Kansas City - What to See and Do

(Kansas City International Airport MCI, Missouri - MO, USA)

The city straddles two state lines, Missouri and Kansas. It has many tourist attractions and its friendly atmosphere, greenery and spacious living give Kansas City a feel all of its own.

The city really began to thrive in the early 1930s and most of its architecture is from this period. Kansas City is jazz crazy, which again has much of its roots in the 1930s depression.

Ten things you must do in Kansas City

  • Go on a tour of the Harley Davidson Assembly Plant.
  • Spend a day at the Quindaro Ruins. Free of charge, this eerie setting used to be an abolitionist town in days gone by.
  • Have a thrilling day out at the Worlds of Fun theme park.
  • Buy an Elvis costume, grease your hair and head on down to the Elvis Parade in August.
  • Visit the 18th and Vine district and soak up as many jazz bars as possible.
  • Spend an afternoon at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum, taking in some fascinating facts and displays.
  • Visit the Aussie outback or the African grasslands, courtesy of Kansas City Zoo.
  • Go walking, jogging or just chill out in the city's Hodge Park.
  • Hang out like a local artist in the Crossroads Arts district of town.
  • Learn how to cook and more importantly how to eat barbecue at the annual Barbecue Blaze Off, hosted every September.

Kansas City Airport MCI

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